Percheron © C. Aubert

The Perche region

Between forests, hills and wooded countryside, the Perche region is packed with character, with its manor houses so typical of the region, its old farm buildings and its charming villages. Beautiful Normandy beckons you to explore along quiet lanes and enjoy a real country getaway.

The former province of Perche unfurls in a succession of gentle hills and remarkable woodlands full of beech and ancient oak, all around Bellême and into the Réno Valdieu forest range.

A colourful array of characterful manor houses and buildings rendered in ocre add to the shimmering beauty of this land, home to the famous Percheron horse breed.

Perche has maintained close links with its Canadian cousins (Muséales de Tourouvre museums) and a number of the region’s towns of character have remained intact such as Bellême, and Mortagne au Perche, the home of the philosopher Alain.

This beautifully peaceful area of countryside also boasts the title of “Regional Nature Park”, hence protecting its outstanding heritage and keeping alive traditions such as “netting” in the ancient village of La Perrière, and the famous black pudding of Mortagne.

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