Balade à dos de vache à la Roche d'Oëtre

Ride on the back of a cow to new pastures

Unique in France, this experience thought up by Annie is sure to be a success. Her 8 cows bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike, on a rather unusual ride to the Rock of Oëtre.


“I launched these rides in 2014. My project was initially for pony rides, until a conversation with a friend who keeps cows gave me this idea. I started with 3 cows of the Jersey breed as they are on the small side, highly intelligent and fairly domestic. I greet the children and their parents, then introduce them to the cows before taking them on a ride lasting for 15 or 30 minutes, depending on which path we take. Afterwards, they often say how pleasantly surprised they are. The cows are comical, which sometimes brings out another facet of the child’s personality. Grandparents are proud to propose this fabulous experience to their grandchildren… Pure happiness”.

Balade à dos de vache à la Roche d'Oëtre © JE Rubio


“The rides take the Corniches trail to Oëtre Rock, a choice site. We follow the valley below the rock, where the unspoilt natural environment oozes with incredible energy.  Through these rides, I’m happy to be able to show people another side to this animal and at the same time I’m giving my cows a new and unusual life that I think they enjoy”. These rides have become a huge success and Annie recommends that visitors book ahead. She also proposes traditional pony rides which are as popular as ever.

Balade à dos de vache à la Roche d'Oëtre © JE Rubio

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Balade à dos de vache à la Roche d'Oëtre © JE Rubio

A ride on the back of a cow, why not?

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