Bro et chîne © JE Rubio

Shop for your next vintage piece in Orne

In this period when vintage and secondhand items are all the rage, take the time to hunt for that bargain vase for your future bouquets or the lamp that’s missing from your coffee table. What a delight it is on a country stroll to find that rare gem you’ve wanted for your interior, often at a great price and with the satisfaction of knowing you’re consuming responsibly!


In the heart of Perche, the wonderful atmosphere of Bellême makes it stand out among the region’s villages. One street, the oldest in the town, should really catch your attention, Rue Ville Close, which has the distinguishing feature of an impressive medieval porch, and a succession of private mansions with beautifully worked facades. Many bric-a-brac traders and antique dealers have set up shop in this street. Wander between them just for the pleasure of hunting for bargains as you travel from era to era. Visit Maison Close where Olivier Premoli’s specialist collection of 20th-century items is showcased in a beautiful private mansion. Discover the world of Métamorphoses where Jean-Luc Gonsard recycles various objects into the enchanting lamps displayed alongside carefully-selected items by other creators. All of this in a fabulous atmosphere! Below the porch, make sure you pop into Chez les Voisins, where any curious mind will enjoy mixing and matching old and new items of furniture and bric-a-brac.

Broc et Chîne à Bellême © D. Commenchal


The Andaines fair, a key event held once a year in the spa town of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, is an absolute must for bric-a-brac traders, bargain hunters, antique dealers and the simply curious! In a contagious spirit of togetherness, numerous stallholders come to sell their precious ware from a huge array of two stalls in which no two look alike! Taking part in this legendary bric-a-brac fair is all about chatting with other participants and learning the stories behind the objects, such as that period armchair you’ve had your eye on!

Broc foire des Andaines © JE Rubio