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The greenways of Orne in Normandy

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The “Voies Vertes” greenway network takes you exploring choice settings on foot, by bike or on horseback in the safety of dedicated paths built along disused railway lines.

Alençon area (on the Paris – Le Mont St Michel route)

From Condé-sur-Huisne to Alençon

A 66km itinerary for walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers and horseriders (certain sections only). Along the Huisne and Sarthe valleys, discover the manor houses of Perche, the Mêle-sur-Sarthe outdoor activities centre, the forest of Bourse, and Alençon, made famous by Saint Teresa and the town’s lacemaking activity.

Main access points

  • Condé-sur-Huisne
  • Mortagne-au-Perche
  • Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe
  • Alençon

Favourite features

  • Rest areas with picnic tables every 7km
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Voie verte Alençon


From Alençon to Les Rives d’Andaine

A 50km itinerary

Main access points

  • Alençon
  • Saint Denis sur Sarthon
  • La Lacelle
  • Pré en Pail
  • Couptrain
  • Rives d’Andaine

Favourite features

  • Picnic tables at Alençon, Damigny, St Denis sur Sarthon, Pré-en-Pail, Couptrain and Rives d’Andaine


From La Selle la Forge to Pontaubault via Domfront

A 20km itinerary on the outskirts of Flers.

Main access points

  • La Selle-la-Forge
  • Messei
  • Le Châtellier
  • Saint-Bomer-les-Forges
  • La Haute-Chapelle
  • Saint-Mars d’Egrenne
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From Domfront to Céaucé (10.6km)

From Domfront to St Roch sur Egrenne (10km)

Main access points

  • Domfront
  • Torchamp
  • Céaucé

Favourite features

  • Picnic tables at Domfront, Torchamp and Céaucé


Above the town of Vimoutiers

A 4.6km itinerary

Main access points

  • Vimoutiers

Favourite features

  • Following on from the Calvados greenway, this “voie verte” is a fabulous route for hiking enthusiasts.
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Cycling essentials in Orne


Guide to the Alençon – Condé-sur-Huisne greenway

Opened in 1873, this railway line was gradually closed down between the 1950s and the 1980s. In 2010 it went into use as a greenway, stretching for 67km and visiting thirty towns and villages.


Orne by bike

Check out Orne’s 2 greenways and 41 itineraries ranging from 16.7 to 70km. This edition beckons you to take family or friends exploring our beautiful region by bike. Whatever the season, follow the country lanes and greenways between forests, a stud farm, châteaux, castles and villages…


What is a greenway?

A “Voie Verte” is a dedicated greenway prohibited to motor vehicles. Each greenway is designed to meet the needs of the users for which it is intended, be they pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users or horseriders, whether for the purposes of tourism, recreational activities or day-to-day use by the local residents. Greenways are a smart and consensual solution for harmonious co-existence between the different categories of users. They ensure not only compatibility between “wheeled” and “non-wheeled” users but also continuity, as far as possible, for each of these soft modes.