Village de Camembert

Visit Camembert for a taste of the authentic flavour of Normandy

That’s right, the village of Camembert is where the cheese of the same name was first made. Follow your nose and visit the museums and cheese shops of the Auge region, where the artisans will reveal their production secrets with great enthusiasm. The promise of encounters full of character!

A mouthwatering tour at the Maison du Camembert

Step inside the Maison du Camembert for a gourmet tour. On your way into the museum, you’ll admire the typical architecture of Normandy farm buildings, with a thatched house and oakwood half-timbering that take you back to the 18th century! Inside, epicureans will start licking their lips before a display case full of iconic French cheeses, and the section devoted to Marie Harel, the creator of camembert. And to really bring out your inner gourmet, head for the tasting area. Shaped like a half-opened camembert box, it beckons you to enjoy the charm and tranquillity of the site while savouring a deliciously runny camembert…

Camembert © D. Commenchal

Normandy specialities on a visit to the Camembert Museum in Vimoutiers

Head for the Camembert Museum in Vimoutiers to unveil the secrets of the real thing, PDO camembert from Normandy, an icon of French gastronomy. Guided by ancestral traditions, its production is based on raw milk from Norman cows, ladle-moulded the traditional way to obtain a cheese of great quality. Observe piece by piece the collection of authentic utensils retrieved from the region’s 19th-century dairies, and imagine the dairymaids in their long aprons and headdresses, filling the moulds one by one with their large ladles. Lastly, head for the shop to discover all those delicious local products, including cider, biscuits, jam, and of course cheese…

Musée du Camembert © Association-Musée-du-Camembert-Conservatoire-des-Traditions-du-Pays-d-Aug

Taste 100% local produce at the Fromagerie Durand

During your getaway in the Orne countryside, a trip to the Fromagerie Durand is an absolute must. As the last cheese dairy in the village of Camembert to make the cheese of the same name, it has retained all its traditions and ancestral expertise.

Ladle-moulded and bearing a PDO label, it benefits from the unique taste and quality of the milk provided by Norman cows grazing in the region’s lush green meadows. Visit the farm and meet the animals behind this remarkably tasty farmhouse cheese and of which the local people are so proud.

Produits du terroir © JE Rubio

Cycling & Cheese, Orne on a silver plate

Camembert@Lesley Williamson

From Livarot to Camembert

This itinerary takes you exploring Normandy through the region’s gastronomy and, in particular, the small village of Camembert in Orne. But that’s not all, it also leads you from farm to farm to discover all the local specialities.