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The Perche spirit

Close to Paris, the Perche region invites you to soak up the spirit of a land that has retained all its authenticy, preserving its heritage and natural environment. In Perche, you’ll appreciate the joys of the countryside and learn to take the time to enjoy life again!

Exploring the Perche Regional Nature Park, the mindful way

“Awareness is protection”, that’s the motto of the Perche Regional Nature Park. There’s plenty to keep you occupied as you explore the forests and rolling plateaus on foot, by bike or on horseback while observing the local ecosystems. Take to the country roads between plains, woodland and meadows for a proper return to life in the wild. Follow the forest paths where fauna and flora are all around, from owls hiding in the trees to frogs wallowing at the edge of the pond. On a themed trail in the botanical conservatory orchard you’ll learn how to perpetuate local varieties of apple and pear, the iconic fruits of Normandy. A bucolic and educational escape amid unspoilt nature.

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Domaine de Courboyer, an estate and manor house oozing with the history of Perche

In the heart of the authentic countryside of Perche, on the Courboyer estate, proudly stands one of the rare manor houses to be open to the public. It is also one of the biggest. While you can’t see the wood for the trees, this jewel of Perche built heritage is also somewhat concealed. Listed as a historical monument, the Courboyer Manor hosts exhibitions on biodiversity, heritage and locally-sourced products, all subjects that get us thinking about our relationship to the environment. Within the 60-hectare grounds, the walking trails and information panels reveal all that Orne has to offer, from undulating prairies dotted with grazing Percheron horses, donkeys and Norman cows, to fruit orchards, ponds, a kitchen garden and a conservatory beehive.

Parc du Perche Orne

Traditional local products

To consume local is to help keep ancestral craftsmanship alive and preserve the typical landscapes of the Perche region. With this in mind, go and meet the producers on the local markets or at their farms to chat with them, learn about their trade and share their values. Passionate about their work, they will be delighted to let you into a few production secrets, be it for black pudding, snails, or Perche baguette.  So take a look behind the production scenes of cider, Normandy’s star beverage made from the apples grown across the famous Perche hillsides. Certain varieties found only in the region are intimately linked to the soil and specific climate thanks to which Perche PDO cider is so widely recognised.

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Suggestions for a weekend in Perche

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