Château d'O © JE Rubio

The Châteaux Loop – at the very heart of the Orne

Tourist routes in the Orne

Partez à la découverte de l’Orne en Normandie, oubliez montres, plumes, dossiers et cahiers d’écolier : le temps est venu de s’évader !

From the prestigious Haras du Pin National Stud– the “equestrian Versailles” – in the heart of the countryside known globally for the quality of its racehorses, strike out to discover some of the most beautiful châteaux of the Orne.
From Médavy to Mortrée passing through Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet in the commune of Boischampré, this circuit will take you on a journey through the historic riches of the Orne.

Château du Bourg-Saint-Léonard

A glimpse into the way of life during the Enlightenment (18th c.)

The Haras du Pin National Stud

Rightly known as the “equestrian Versailles”, take a walk through this prestigious stud. You can visit the château, stables, discovery trail and enjoy the special Thursday “Les Jeudis du Pin” summer events.
Many equestrian events throughout the year.

Château de Médavy

Built in the 17th century, this château provides a window on the splendour of the era. Its two 15th century towers are simply stunning.

Château d’O in Mortrée

A flamboyant example of the Gothic and Renaissance styles (15th and 17th c.), surrounded by a moat.

Château de Sassy in Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet (in the commune of Boischampré)

This splendid stone and brick 18th century château overlooks a succession of terraces which descend to a parterre de broderie garden with trimmed box trees. The reception rooms, resplendent with Louis XVI furniture and remarkable tapestries, provide an insight into the life of the 19th century political elite.