Vacances en Normandie, week-end dans l’Orne en Normandie

Le Haras national du Pin©

Le Haras national du Pin

Percherons © D. Commenchal

Le Percheron

Roche d'Oëtre © D. Commenchal

The Rock of Oëtre

Saint Céneri le Gérei

Saint Céneri le Gérei



Manoir de Courboyer © S. Perera

Courboyer Manor

Château de Carrouges

Carrouges Castle

Village de Camembert


Pommiers en fleurs © JR Dekeyser
Dentelle au point d'Alençon
Bagnoles de l'Orne © Dupre Juliette

Bagnoles de l'Orne

100% experiences

Take a deep breath in Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, the wellness resort

Course à pied

When the gym is always a little crowded, you’re bored with your usual jog around the park fountain, and that issue at work clouds the back of your mind… it’s time for a change of scene. In Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, grab your trainers and head for the forest to switch off and fill your lungs with fresh […]


Sleep like a baby in a bubble

Domaine des butineuses dans le Perche

In the heart of the Perche regional nature park, between the prairies and ponds of the Natura 2000 zone, take refuge in an elegant Bubble Bee, truly a haven of tranquillity. NIGHT OF MAGIC The Domaine des Butineuses proposes three rather strange, semi-transparent bubbles. Inside they offer all the comfort of a hotel room and, […]


Smells and Tastes of Normandy

Pommiers en fleurs © JR Dekeyser

The clichés of apple trees weighed down with juicy fruit or an urn of milk from the farm are not so old-fashioned. Orne in Normandy has always been proud of its local produce… and you’ll be back for more! ENJOY THE FORGOTTEN PLEASURE OF GRANNY’S APPLE TART. Slowly ripening in the orchards of Orne, more […]


Ride on the back of a cow to new pastures

Balade à dos de vache à la Roche d'Oëtre © JE Rubio

Unique in France, this experience thought up by Annie is sure to be a success. Her 8 cows bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike, on a rather unusual ride to the Rock of Oëtre. PERFECT ENCOUNTERS “I launched these rides in 2014. My project was initially for pony rides, until a […]


Visit the “Versailles for horses”

Haras national du Pin © Tourisme 61

In this land where horses rule, the Haras du Pin is now the oldest stud farm in France. Established by order of the Sun King, it has become a showcase for the equestrian arts and French horse breeds. THE OH-SO-CHIC HARAS DU PIN Its architecture alone makes it worth the visit, with its stables arranged […]


Hug a tree: A new recipe for well-being

Forêt © D. Commenchal

The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, has many followers who are convinced by the soothing properties of trees, which release molecules that help to slow down our heart rate, for example. For a straightforward programme of walking, breathing and relaxing, head for the best natural spots that we’ve found for you in […]


Flower power in the Perche

Perch weekend ideas

Week-end en combi dans le Perche © Konstantin2017  Shutterstock

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