Balades et randonnées dans l'Orne © D. Commenchal

Exploring Orne in Normandy

Horseriders, if you’re considering hacking in Normandy, you may already know that the department of Orne is an equestrian hotspot. There are plenty of bridlepaths where you and your horse can enjoy a change of scene. Walkers won’t be disappointed either, as multiple hiking routes are available in Normandy. As you’ve guessed, hiking in Orne is a must-do for nature lovers. The paths will take you past the manor houses of the Perche region, along the riverbanks of Ouche, up the Alpes Mancelles trails in the Alençon area, and so on. You’ll love the diversity of settings as well as the surprises in store along the way.

Take to the trails and footpaths proposed by the Orne Tourism Development Commission to explore Orne in Normandy on foot, on horseback or by bike. We propose a selection of itineraries in Orne, adapted to each category of users. Happy exploring in Orne in Normandy!