Pays d'Ouche © JE Rubio

Ouche Country, nature, water and villages

Looking for a place to enjoy a break and recharge your batteries? Ouche Country, the perfect peace haven, is a land for fishing, riverside walks, visiting picturesque villages and exploring the local cultural heritage. The region of Ouche is a great place to relax in Orne.

An unspoilt and authentic natural region

In the Oïl dialects, a Romance language spoken in Gaule from the 9th century, “Ouche” means “fertile land”. So it’s hardly surprising that Ouche Country has so much greenery growing between the rivers that seem to organise the region as they cross it at many places along its entire width. The Charentonne begins its path in the north west, splitting into several arms while, to the south east, the River Iton takes a more direct route. These two tributaries of the Seine each play their part in sculpting the typical landscape of the Ouche region, alternating between valleys, plains and forests.

These rivers offer a whole array of fishing grounds for enthusiastic anglers in search of brown trout. While fly fishing is a sport for the most experienced among them, novices can also enjoy fishing in the region’s many lakes. These are great places for walking enthusiasts too, who may be lucky enough to spot various species of migratory birds that stop to rest here.

Ouche Country, full of typical towns and villages

The Ouche region’s most iconic town is none other than L’Aigle. Also traversed by a river, the Risle, this town has its own manufacturing-based economy as well as a large Tuesday-morning market. Make the most of your visit to L’Aigle to stroll in the town centre and stop to try the town’s flagship dish, “cervelas”, the local saveloy.

For a more poetic experience, head for Saint-Evroult-Notre-Dame-du-Bois to contemplate the remains of the 13th-century abbey. These outdoor ruins are also your starting point for walks to the St. Hubert Chapel or to the source of the River Charentonne.

Rich history and an art of living

Such a bucolic, unspoilt riverside setting can only inspire. Indeed, this welcoming land was the home of the Countess of Ségur and Jean de la Varende, two illustrious French authors. For insight into the life of the former, who wrote a whole series of children’s books, visit the museum dedicated to her in Aube.

Ouche Country has also inspired the metal industry, worthily represented in the “Made in France” expertise of the Manufacture Bohin in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle, where needles and pins are still produced to this day. Another iconic site is the Aube foundry, with its blast furnaces dating from the 16th to mid-19th century. Open to the public, both sites unveil the secrets of this industry that continues to keep the region very much alive.

A vast programme awaits you in Ouche Country. Just take to the roads to discover the region’s untouched beauty and enjoy a weekend getting away from it all.