• Haras national du Pin dans l'Orne en Normandie

Walking tour of the Haras National du Pin - Horse country in the Orne

Difficulty level: Easy

In the land of horses and stud farms, discover the prestigious Haras National du Pin site, known as the “Versailles for horses”.


  • Suivre le circuit n°1
    1 à 2 - Jaune
    2 à 5 - Jaune - Rouge
    5 à 1 - Jaune

Particular difficulties

  • You will cross the D926 between stage 1 and 2, then between 5 and 6

Useful information

  • Departs from: LE PIN-AU-HARAS
  • Arrives at: LE PIN-AU-HARAS
  • Negative elevation gain: -114 m
  • Positive elevation gain: 114 m
  • Car park: Parking du Haras national du Pin

To do nearby

  • Villebadin : Manoir d'Argentelles XVe
    Le Bourg-Saint-Léonard : château XVIIIe
    Forêt de Gouffern : menhir de la Pierre-Levée (vieux de 4000 ans)
    Mortrée : le Château d'Ô XVe - XVIIe
    Médavy : Château XVIIIe

To see on the route

  • Le Haras national du Pin
    Le Vieux-Pin : ancienne église paroissiale Saint-Ouen XVIIIe

Route open to activities


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration : 02 hours20


  1. Stage 1 - N°1

    Cross the D926 (take care!), then walk along it towards Nonant-le-Pin.

    Coordinates: 48.739735, 0.146234 Stage ID: 0000J1
  2. Stage 2 - N°2

    Turn right off the D926 and continue for 600 m on the gravel path along the D926 until you get to Carrefour de la Tête-au-Loup junction.

    Coordinates: 48.738998, 0.150225 Stage ID: 0000J2
  3. Stage 3 - N°3

    Fork left on the Villebadin lane.

    Coordinates: 48.739040, 0.158122 Stage ID: 0000J3
  4. Stage 4 - N°4

    Soon after the first house in Bourg-Maheu, turn left onto the path which leads up into the forest of Le Pin-au-Haras. Pass the two forest tracks which cross the path and continue straight on for 1 km.

    Coordinates: 48.740711, 0.155632 Stage ID: 0000J4
  5. Stage 5 - N°5

    Continue on the path, then cross the D926 (take care!) and carry on along the small lane ahead. At Carrefour des Perrets junction, continue to the right.

    Coordinates: 48.751915, 0.139024 Stage ID: 0000J5
  6. Stage 6 - N°6

    Take the path to your left for 800 m. Continue straight on until you reach Le Vieux-Pin. Pass the church.

    Coordinates: 48.745197, 0.130763 Stage ID: 0000J6
  7. Stage 7 - N°7

    At the junction, turn left and head uphill towards the Haras du Pin National Stud.

    Coordinates: 48.735558, 0.130849 Stage ID: 0000J7