heavenhilltop ©Clair Pickworth

Mindful accommodation favourites

There’s nothing quite like a nature getaway to enjoy a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries without betraying your values. Quirky accommodation, outdoor activities, wildlife spotting… Orne is the perfect setting for a weekend in the country or a nature holiday. The ultimate in ecotourism, right down to the pillow!

A nature getaway at Moulicent Country Lodge

A hidden valley of Perche conceals the Moulicent Country Lodge, a peaceful haven for city-dwellers looking to get closer to nature. Here the watchwords are rest and switching off, and the setting is certainly conducive. Wood cabins built to blend into the surroundings, with huge glass windows that flood the lounge with daylight, make this place perfect for getting comfortable by the fire with a good book or a magazine. And because mindfulness of nature comes with knowledge, you can take the children to see the horses, donkeys, goats, rabbits and other freely-roaming farm animals! Great for getting back to basics in the Perche countryside, and just letting go.

Country lodge © GDF Orne

Night with a difference in the Grande Noé Cabins

If you dream of an alternative overnight stay, to spoil your loved one or keep the kids entertained, Les Cabanes de la Grande Noé invites you to get a little closer to the stars for a night under the generous and protective energy of a 200-year-old tree. At one with nature, try living by candlelight for a rustic atmosphere and a little cocooning in this real haven of tranquillity right in the middle of the park. As night falls, you’ll be soothed by the rustling of leaves, before waking up early in the morning to the song of birds…

Cabanes de la Grande Noé à Moulicent © Tourisme 61

The Perched House of Perche

Amid wooded countryside, between copses, fields and sunken lanes, the Perched House of Perche is a great place to recharge your batteries, stimulate your senses and find inspiration. The cosily modern interior includes a spacious living room flooded in the pleasant light of Orne. Perched on a hill, it has a vast panoramic deck where you can sip your coffee and enjoy the uninterrupted view over the rolling countryside. The naturalist garden around the house teems with plant life and all sorts of creatures. A larger-than-life nature experience in a dwelling that blends with its surroundings thanks to its timber frame and ecofriendly construction.

Maiosn perchée dans le Perche ©Clair Pickworth

Elegance nature’s way at La Queurie Manor

La Queurie, a small 15th-century manor house, is an architectural gem, restored in modern style to accommodate nature lovers. Its outbuilding has been completely reworked with renewable, organic materials in a harmonious mix of light-coloured wood that reflects the light and enhances the vast spaces with minimalistic simplicity. Lost amid tranquil countryside, this quiet spot is perfect for getting far away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the simple pleasures of a balanced life. Take breakfast in the main room gazing out at the exceptional panoramic view of the typically Norman landscape, where you may even spot a great egret standing quietly on the riverbank, or a hare running about in the field. The meadows are maintained by free-roaming sheep that will happily let you stroke them in return for a few apples from the organic orchard… best enjoyed as apple juice!

Manoir de la Queurie © Sibylle Pietrek