Haras national du Pin © ©D. Butaeye

Haras National du Pin stud farm, a Versailles Palace for horses

Established in 1730, the Haras du Pin, France’s first royal stud farm, is a temple of equestrian art that, nowadays, is open to the general public. Whether you’re a keen horseperson or prefer horse-and-carriage rides, there’s an experience for you to enjoy at the “Palace of Versailles for horses”.

A unique site

The history-steeped Haras National du Pin with its spectacular architecture is one of the region’s heritage gems. The stud’s prime role was to select the best breeds for reproduction in order to obtain beautiful, high-performing horses for the purposes of transport and farming, as well as for the cavalry and the Court of Versailles. Built in 1715, the stud farm has been refurbished and extended throughout its past. In 1806, the stables were restocked with Norman mares and English thoroughbreds which were appreciated for their “good figure and good legs”, as well as Dutch breeds, thus boosting the stud’s national reputation. Now open to the public, the stables, main tack room and carriage shed invite you to discover the history of this iconic feature of Normandy’s heritage.

Jeudis du Pin © Mélanie Guillamot

Unguided tour following in the hoofprints of the stud’s horses

Give them free rein! Enjoy a family outing to the Haras du Pin and follow the trail that links up the different parts of this historic site. Each stage is an opportunity to improve your horse knowledge. For a moment of magic, don’t miss the equestrian shows held regularly in the Aure Riding Arena, and admire the agility and elegance of these animals performing before your eyes. You can also try the immersive experience of stepping into an employee’s shoes, or rent an electric bike and go exploring the pastures…

Haras du Pin © D. Commenchal

A succession of activities for a well-packed day out

At the Haras du Pin, a whole succession of demonstrations to the sound of hooves puts you a little more under the charm with each show. The dance numbers, the acrobatics, the harmonious performances, and the Cossack stunts originating from days of battle, never cease to leave you amazed by the complicity between horse and rider. For a more unusual experience, opt for a horse-and-carriage ride in the Domaine du Pin and, when it’s time for lunch, go for a delicious meal prepared with the region’s local produce!

Jeudis du Pin © Mélanie Guillamot

Not to be missed

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