Manufacture Bohin © Benoit Decout

Discover a traditional craft

Unique, sharp and moving…Explore behind the scenes of the only French pins and needles factory, La Manufacture Bohin, which has been operating out of Saint-Sulpice sur Risle, near l’Aigle, for more than 180 years.


“Hand stitched” tradition.

Although they may seem small and insignificant, the type of pins and needles that you use, can make all the difference when it comes to creating a garment. Head for L’Aigle, by the river, where this ancient know-how is still much in evidence. Visit the production plant where you’ll see sewing needles, safety pins and glass head pins being made.

La Manufacture Bohin


Our country’s industrial memory

Some of these machines date from the 19th century and, at first glance, still look pretty amazing. Even today, there are no better machines in existence. You’ll be riveted watching the workers deftly handling a tray and arranging all the needles in the same direction! You should then make for the contemporary, museum-like area which retraces the history of needle manufacturing, from the world of Haute Couture, book-binding and sail boats to embroidery. During your visit, you can also learn about the unusual life of founder, Benjamin Bohin, who was born 200 years ago, the history of the region and its metallurgy industry, and the creation of the first needle and pin.

Manufacture Bohin © J. LIMONT


Exhibitions, shopping etc. 

Haberdashery articles have inspired numerous artistic trends and works, some of which are superbly displayed and presented here. Some of the artists have reappropriated pins and needles in a way that will definitely pique your interest. You can also visit the amazing Bohin shop, a veritable Aladdin’s cave for sewing enthusiasts, and snap up some great tools for your next project.

Manufacture BOHIN © 7e ciel

La Manufacture BOHIN