Les P'tits Pins du Haras du Pin

Pony whispering.

The Haras national du Pin’s stud farm is home to a host of incredibly sweet ponies guaranteed to melt your children’s hearts… Head to the estate for a short lesson and a huge helping of love.


Loving care and advice

Whether or not they love animals, horses or riding, children will adore looking after these furry companions. Sports coach, Caroline, offers precious advice, accompanying children while they learn about the everyday life of the Haras du Pin ponies, in this exceptional setting, nicknamed “The Equestrian Versailles.”

Les P'tits Pins © D. Commenchal


All in a morning…

Your child will meet the pony for the first time in its paddock. The first meeting is the most important, so it’s essential not to rush things and to take time to establish trust and feel comfortable. With instruction and guidance, your child will build a relationship of trust with his/her new companion and learn how to care for him. Then it’s time to feed, groom and beautify him! Finally, it’s time to choose the most suitable exercise, depending on your child’s level: training on foot using lunge lines or a long lead, or an introduction to vaulting, on horseback.

Les P'tits Pins © D. Commenchal


Something to take home

Something to take home
Youngsters will set off home with a head full of memories and images of this incredible place founded by Louis XIV. And parents (or carers) have not been forgotten: with its royal stables, formal gardens and grounds, this lush, green setting, which extends over more than 1000 hectares, is a must-visit site, renowned for its international horse competitions. A delight to visit!

Les P'tits Pins © D. Commenchal

Les P’tis pins at the Haras du Pin stud arm (8 to 12 years)