Routes Touristiques de l'Orne © Silvano Rebai

The scenic roads of Orne in Normandy

Venture off the main roads and go exploring the charming Orne countryside. Our quiet lanes invite you to take the time to enjoy a very personal experience, at your own pace, in the heart of timeless Normandy, a land of preserved heritage and unspoilt landscapes. Everything about this region oozes with peaceful serenity. From the gentle hills and sumptuous manors of the Orne part of Perche, to the oh-so-emblematic Auge and Ouche regions of Normandy, by way of Norman Switzerland and the wooded Normandy countryside, Orne will pique your curiosity and make your exploration a truly relaxing experience in this authentically bucolic setting. Another favourite activity is visiting our listed villages of character, or the Belle Epoque resort of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne-Normandie.

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L'Orne à Moto © Chlorophylle

Orne by motorbike

The motorcyclists of Orne invite you to discover their favourite terrain. So rev up and go exploring the roads of Orne, into ancient forests and through wooded countryside, across some of the most beautiful rolling landscapes. A country break for bikers to savour to their heart’s content!